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What is Most Important In a Gaming Laptop?

Many gaming purists still vouch for desktops when we talk about performance. ButMyou won’t be able to carry around desktops to your friend’s place!

Gaming laptops are portable and these days they perform at par with top end desktops. You can run games like GTA 5, Middle Earth Shadow of War and Star Wars Battlefront 2 without any hiccups on the latest rigs that deliver ultimate graphics with faster FPS.

The machines also handle VR applications like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which can transform the experience to another level.

Gaming laptops offer the latest specs and hardware so that you can enjoy the best resolution with a smooth gameplay. A combination of hardware components is responsible for running your game and some of them deserve consideration if you want to get the right machine.

Often, many people ask –

What is the most important aspect in a gaming laptop?

Gaming Laptops reviewIf you ask any geek, he will tell you that it is the GPU or the graphics card. But that alone cannot get your game running; you also need an efficient processor and substantial RAM to get the best gaming experience.

Let’s explore a bit about each of them!


The graphics card can be considered the heart of your gaming laptop. You should invest in a serious graphics card or GPU that is integrated in the motherboard.

The GPU brings the display alive by processing the gaming data and delivering it to the monitor. Intensive games demand the GPUs to work very hard and you will want to get a graphics card with adequate video ram or VRAM.

The main player in the area of GPU in the current market is Nvidia with their GeForce GTX series. The latest offering comes in 10 series configuration like the GTX 1080. Nvidia has the monopoly in the market as AMD Raedon chipsets still rely on old technology and yet to be upgraded.

What should I Look At?

There are a couple of things that decide whether the game that you plan to play on your gaming laptop would run smoothly. We take a look at each of them below.


1. The GPU which includes the Graphics Card

Graphics CardThe general rule in case of GPUs is that higher model numbers denotes higher performance. The latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 can smoothly run demanding games like GTA 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider with the resolution and special effects set at high.


But the GTX 1080 is really costly and on found in high end machines.

The minimum you should go for would be the Nvidia GTX 1060. It comes with 6 GB VRAM which should be sufficient for most gamers. You shouldn’t go for a GPU that offers less than 4 GB VRAM.

You can play games like Witcher 3 and Effect: Andromeda at 1080P with some of the special effects without compromising on FPS. It can also be run on 4K with a few adjustments and get a pleasant VR experience by connecting your Vive or Rift headsets.

Now you can also go for the expensive Nvidia’s Scalable Link Interface (SLI) which supports two GPUs. Using the platform up to 4 GPUs can function together for improved rendering and better graphics scaling.

2. Processor and RAM

Now we are talking about the brain of your gaming platform which is made up by the processor and RAM.


What is the RAM?

Processor and RAM8 GB of RAM should be enough for running most of the high end games out there. You can go for 16 GB, but it is less important than getting a faster GPU or processor. Most of the laptops meant for gaming tournaments need a good 16 GB of RAM. Don’t go in for anything less than 8 GB though – your games just won’t run.

The other thing to note is that you need DDR4 or DDR5 RAM. Anything lesser than that isn’t going to work and they are not going to compliment either the CPU or the GPU.

What is the CPU?

The processor tackles all non-graphics related aspect of the game like physics calculation and stores the settings and so on.

Here too, AMD fans would be disappointed as the market is owned by Intel. The minimum to look for is the Core i5 which is considered the slowest one. The 7th Generation Core i7 CPU offers satisfying performance which utilizes the Kaby Lake chipset. Intel Core i7 processors, it should be noted, utilize hyper threading technology which ensures that the cores are utilized to its maximum.

Intel Coffee Lake, the new 8th generation CPU announced last year might just be what you are looking for.
They are promised to be as much as 40% faster than the last Sky Lake processor announced by Intel and offer more cores. As a result, they also offer better clock speeds and is available for both the Core i5 and Core i7. It’s definitely something that you should look forward to.

Also, remember to check the clock speed. It is natural that a 3.4 GHz processor will be faster than a 2.4 GHz one.

Why Should You Avoid the Intel i3 Processor?

You can also go for Core i3 but your game options will be limited. You don’t want to spend on an i3 model for many different reasons-

– They are significantly less powerful than the Core i5 and Core i7.
– They do not offer hyper threading technology that can help your computer multi task easily, by combing and utilizing all the cores as needed.
– You won’t be able to play the latest games on an i3 without hiccups.

3. Dual-Core or Quad-Core?

If you are going to buy a Core i7 processor, go for a quad-core.
Dual-core Core i7 can be considered a step up from the Core i5. The suffixes at the end of the model number of the chip will tell you if it’s quad-core- look for the alphabets HQ or HK.

Your target should be a quad-core Core i7 HK chips, which are faster and can be overclocked.

What is a good laptop for gaming?

Looking for a good laptop that can help you play all the games you want seamlessly? A lot depends on the type of gamer you’re. Serious gamers need high end specs while occasional gamers can do with a moderate priced gaming PC as well.

Let me ask you a question.

  • Do you know what goes into a gaming laptop?
  • What does a gaming laptop look like?

Well, if your subconscious conjured up images of Alienware and Razer Laptops, I don’t blame you.
But that’s not what I’m asking you.

Let me ask you a question you most probably will answer.

What makes a good phone?

Gaming LaptopsPat come the reply from your head- great display, amazing battery life, a good processor with more than sufficient RAM, good speaker output and call reception, you get the idea.

You didn’t think of iPhone or Galaxy, or OnePlus for that matter.

It’s because we as millenials have seen the rise of cellphones right before our eyes, and we have educated ourselves tremendously about them.

But the same doesn’t apply to laptops, or computers in general, where there’s still a lot of grey areas that we are not sure about.

This thought struck me last night, and so I decided to write it up for you.

The Top Things You Need in a Gaming Laptop

So here’s what gets a laptop classified as a GAMING machine:

1. The CPU processor:

This one’s a no brainer.

You have to have an absolute beast-on-steroids for a processor in your gaming laptop.

No half measures here.

Take the latest and greatest that Intel and AMD have to offer, if you really are serious about gaming.
There are very few things in life as frustrating as a gorgeous game huffing and puffing and dropping frames all over the place.

Believe me, you are better off with a console if you don’t think splurging on Processors is a good idea. Yes , I said it.

Point to take note of: Go big in the processor department.

2. RAM-bo

RAMThe Random Access Memory (RAM) has to be atleast 16 GB if you’re looking for a true serious gaming behemoth. If you aren’t, even a 8 GB works but you shouldn’t really think of having anything less.

And DDR3 or DDR4 at 400 Mhz (mouth-watering!)

It’s not just about the GB count. You have to take the reading and writing speeds into account as well.

3. The Display

A resolution of 2560×1440 is absolute killer.

You won’t believe what a killjoy a bad resolution can be (though it might help with speeding up the game as less resolution means lesser the pixels pushed around by the processor).

But we are talking about a gaming Laptop here, not some smartphone which can also double up as a clumsy handheld console.

There’s absolutely no excuse for a bad display in a gaming laptop. Period.

4. Graphic card:

You know about it. It’s where the magic happens.

It’s crazy for me to think some people actually want a gaming machine and still don’t want to spend on a graphic card!

If you’ve seen the “system requirements” behind any game cover that you buy, it mentions the processor, the Ram AND The graphics card.

Just go for a high end one already. Any brand can do. They are all amazing.he However, if you’re looking to play the latest games, you need the latest one. Choose from Nvidia or AMD.

5. Hard drive:

Hard driveA 512 GB SSD hard drive at the bare minimum.

Thank you very much (nothing much to discuss here, its pretty much a given that you should have this as the bare minimum, gaming laptop or no gaming laptop).

You shouldn’t go in for a HDD for the simple reason that they can fail at any time. If you’re assembling your own machine, you might want to go in for a fusion drive as well. From Apple, they offer the stability you would need from a hard drive. If you are going to splurge, you could even go in for a 1 TB drive.



6. Battery:

Well, finally we get to something, which is of utmost importance in almost every other type of laptop, but is the last thing to consider breaking the bank for, in a gaming machine. You would need your gaming machine to last long so you would want to get one that can put in the hours you want even without you have g the need to plug in to the power outlet.

Here’s why I say this.

You buy a non-gaming laptop for your business needs while you’re on the go, like replying to mails , or working on a few slides of your presentation that’s due next Wednesday, while you wait for your flight.

But you don’t buy a gaming laptop to make powerpoint presentations (though it’s perfectly fine if you use it for work stuff too!)

You don’t carry your gaming laptop around, and as such, you do not and should not care if the laptop has great battery life or not. You can always plug it in and game away!

7. Speakers:

Again, not a deal breaker for me at all.

Just invest in some home speaker system and headphones already!

On a serious note, it is a bonus if your gaming laptop can produce booming sound in all of your Call of Duty exploits, but frankly, it doesn’t really matter if they don’t.

8. Joystick/controller/insert your favourite word here J

Gaming mouseThis divides opinion.

I think you need it only for FIFA, and other sports games.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is where the real gamers are at.

9. Gaming mouse:

A luxury according to me. You don’t really need it. But it sure is fun to have if you have some spare cash.

So there you have it. Systematic break down of a good gaming laptop.


Let me hear it in the comments below.


Is it a good idea to remove the battery of a laptop when plugged in?

You can use your laptop in two different ways – one having it plugged in and another away from the charging port. Wih time, you would see that your laptop’s battery doesn’t run as great as before. That’s natural – with increasing number of recharge cycles, your battery capacity goes down.

If you are looking to extend the battery life of your laptop, you ay ask yourself as to whether you should remove your laptop battery when it is plugged in?

Removing the battery when you are not using the laptop may help to increase the overall life of the battery. However, is it really possible to remove the battery every time you plug in your laptop?

The debate on this topic is long and never-ending. In short, here is the answer – you shouldn’t aim to take the battery out from your laptop normally.


The Top Things to Note Before Removing Your Laptop Battery

Remember, the following things before attempting to remove the laptop battery.

nonremovable-battery-care-670x3351. Not all laptop batteries can be removed
You cannot remove a laptop battery from a MacBook or a Surface Pro 4. The first thing you need to take a look at before attempting to remove a laptop battery is whether the battery is removable.

2. The battery capacity tells how much charge it holds
For example, a 9-cell battery has 50% more capacity over a 6-cell, but the more cells you have in a battery, the heavier its weight will be. This means that a 6-cell battery will weigh less than a 9-cell battery.

Although there will be a considerable difference in the weight of the units, selecting an alternative with maximum cells offered will still be more practical when it comes to buying a laptop.

The average battery life today is approximately 4-6 hours. This can vary depending on the laptop and also on the applications that you are running.

So, if you will be using your laptop away from a power source a lot, make sure that your laptop has power saving features and long battery duration. You can also purchase a second battery just in case to ensure that you will not be inconvenienced by the sudden dry out of the unit.

Some of today’s laptops can operate for over 10 hours on a single charge, while the latest netbooks can run for 8-12 hours on one charge.


When Should You Remove the Battery from a Laptop?

The best time to remove your laptop battery depends on your convenience.

1. If You Are Going to Use the Laptop for a While

remove the batteryOne of the ways to consider if you should remove the battery while charging is to see how long will you have the laptop plugged in. If you are going to work on your laptop for a stretch, say eight hours and then shut it and not use it until the next day, consider removing the battery.

However, if you plan to keep the laptop plugged in for more than an hour and would be moving around, it is the best to keep your battery on your laptop.

2. If You Aren’t Going to Use the Laptop For a While
You may want to remove the laptop battery even when the laptop is not plugged in. Consider removing the battery is if you are not going to use your laptop for a long time like for the next couple of weeks. If this is the case then it is better to remove the battery.

3. When You Don’t Have to Worry about the Power Supply
The last thing, you need an uninterrupted power supply. If there are frequent power cuts or thunderstorms that could lead to loss of electricity, keep your battery in the laptop. This way you will not be disrupting your work.


Removing the Battery Is a Good Idea

The easiest way to your laptop or its battery to get damaged is by overheating. The battery can wear out quickly if it has been charged full and hot for a long time.

Everyone has surely experienced a hot lap or a burning sensation when touching some areas around the battery during laptop overheating.

While a pillow may protect your skin and lap, it will increase the overheating of the battery. In addition to all this, using your machine for power intensive activities like gaming can increase the amount of heat. Therefore, in such cases, you may want to remove the battery of your laptop while it is plugged in.


How should You Remove the Battery from a Laptop?

When you are removing the battery of your laptop, you should just proceed accordingly.

Step 1- First, you need to shut down your laptop.
Step 2 – Now, plug out the laptop from the wall.
Step 3- Remove the battery from the back of the laptop.
Step 4- Again, plug in the power cable into the socket in the wall.
Step 5- Switch on your laptop and use normally.


Storing the Laptop Battery

Once you have removed the battery of your laptop, the most important thing is to store the battery well to keep it long lasting and to avoid it from getting spoilt.

Step 1- Store batteries after charging them to around 30% and 50%.

Step 2- Store the batteries in a dry place where it isn’t too cold or too hot. Manufacturers recommend the storage temperature to be between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3 – Don’t just store your batteries anywhere. Some people even keep their battery in refrigerators- that’s not a good idea.
You don’t want the laptop battery to get humidity exposure for a long time. If you keep it in the fridge, warm it up to normal temperature without heating it up. Doing all this is a big hassle in itself.

Storing the Laptop Battery


The debate is endless on if is it is a good idea to remove the battery while it is plugged in. You should see the circumstances and situations before deciding on removing the battery. If you do remove the battery, then remember to store it properly.