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IEMS are Better Than Headphones

8 Facts on Why IEMS are Better Than Headphones

In-Ear Monitors of IEMs are used for stage performances by musicians to monitor the audio. They have replaced traditional wedge monitors and are increasingly used by professional performers.

And it is not just professional performers and musicians who love them – it is for everyone, whether you are a professional audio mixer, singer or just a music lover. So, what is it that makes this IEM’s a better experience? Why should you prefer them over headphones?


In-Ear Earphones Vs Earbuds Vs Custom IEM's

But as it turns out, they can also be great forever day listening to your favorite tracks. They can also be used to tailor your music experience to suit your preferences. Today, we will explore the different reasons which make IEMs score over headphones.

1. Professional Performance

IEMs are popular with professional artists, audio engineers, musicians and audiophiles who live and breathe by the name of music. The device produces studio quality sound which is far superior to any consumer based headphones or earphones. You don’t get contaminated sound here, which means that you get crystal clear highs and lows, and pure tones that you will love.

You will enjoy a high quality of audio with all instruments and vocals audible to you via the IEMs. It is used by artists on stage for monitoring the sound and provides a professional performance compared to headphones. So, you can set your standards high and be sure to get them satisfied. As a singer, since you get to know exactly how you sound to others – with the right tones and sound – you can tinker around your performance and music as you need. Adjusting real time, and even helping your performers be in sync with you leads to better performance and more crowd appreciation – which we are sure you would love.


2. Noise Isolation Done the Right Way

Environmental or ambient noise is a big factor when it comes to enjoying your music without disturbances. Headphones sit over your ear and don’t do a satisfactory job of blocking the noises around you.

IEMs appear as the winner as isolation is one of its main fortes. The earpieces offer a better seal and cut out the ambient noise enabling you to listen to only music. You can also expect fewer disturbances as the earpieces are made to custom fit based on the ear shape of the person.

The high isolation offered by IEMs is another reason they are preferred on stage over traditional monitors.


3. Better Technology

The IEMs feature advanced technology which contributes towards its high quality of sound. The technology enables the device to produce audio as close as the actual sound. They also come with the particular linear driver which features highly accurate driver positioning. This offers high standard audio which headphones cannot think of matching.

The improved technology brings out every detail of the music, and you can discern them separately.

Philips TX1 and TX2 IEMs

4. Comfort is Just One of the Things You Will Love

Headphones are not the most comfortable thing you can use to listen to your music. The can be clunky and heavy and feel like a weight sitting over your head. You might gate fatigue or tiredness after putting them on for a long duration.

IEMs are small and fit right into the canal of your ear cozily. Most of them are customized to offer an optimal fit, so there is no question of discomfort. You can tailor them to the shape of your ear till you get a perfect fit which provides you ultimate comfort.


5. Mobility is Something that Is Great!

IEMs are perfect for active uses such as sports, working out, biking and so on. They are tiny and sit right in your ear without any chance of being dislodged. You can run or jump, and they still keep playing your audio tracks.

Headphones, on the other hand, are not meant for such active use. They are more useful while relaxing, sitting on the couch watching your favorite show, gaming, and other stationary purposes.

You can also just put your IEMs in your pocket when you are not using them!


6. Personal Control

IEMs empower you by offering you direct control over anything that you hear. You can choose between different mixes, and you can also tweak the volume levels using the controls on the body pack.

You can choose stereo mix which provides the same audio level in both years. The IEMs give you control to pan left and right to adjust audio levels for each ear. You can also use the controls on bodypack to balance the sound sources if you are working on a track.

For example, you can drive guitar and vocals in the right ear and bass and drums in the left ear.


7. Versatile Listening

All headphones do not sound the same. They come with a signature sound based on the highs, mids, lows and other features such as fit, dampening materials and so on. Each headphone is good for a different type of music, and you may not get the same feeling in all of them.

IEMs, on the other hand, are meant for versatile use. You can try them out for any genre of music whether rock or country and get optimal sound in each case. You can purchase one set of IEM and listen to a wide variety of music without any problem.


8. They are Discreet

Yes, nobody will notice you are wearing them, which does come in handy especially when you are a singer and have your live performances coming up.

Anybody can see your vast headphones sitting on top of your head. Not everyone likes to go out in public with a headphone on and sometime it may also make you look funny.

IEMs are as discreet as they can be and hardly noticeable. That is also another reason musicians use it on stage.

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