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The Future Of Headphones For Hearing Loss

There is absolutely no doubt that being deaf is going to negatively impact every aspect of your life. Thankfully, new technologies are beginning to change this for deaf people all around the world. If you’re deaf, there is a real possibility that technology will one day allow you to experience the sensation of hearing other people talk. Headphones may very well be the key to the solution. Within this guide, you’re going to learn all about the future use of headphones for hearing loss.


No Longer Detrimental

In the past, it was true that headphones could cause significant problems. If you cranked up the volume too loud, there was a pretty good chance that your eardrums were doing to sustain some damage. As the technology begins to evolve, it is becoming clear that headphones can be much safer. This is what is going to happen in the future. The headphones will be improved to the point that they’re completely safe for you. Not only will them making them suitable for people with hearing impairment, but it’ll also ensure that they do not cause hearing loss in the first place.


This will be a win-win for pretty much everyone.

headphones to damage your hearing

Stronger Amplification

The truth of the matter is that people experiencing hearing loss need stronger amplification. Without it, they’re not going to be able to hear the things around them. They need that sound to be amplified to the fullest. This is another thing that will happen in the near future. The headphones will improve to the point that the amplification is much more powerful. In return, people with hearing impairments will have little to no trouble hearing the things going on around them. This will definitely open new doors and greatly enhance the lives of people suffering from hearing issues.

Safer Delivery

In the past, the audio was delivered directly to the ear. This was downright dangerous. And, it definitely caused the headphones to damage the eardrums when the volume was turned up way too loud. In the future, there is a good chance that headphone manufacturers will discover new ways to deliver the sound. Earbuds have done this to some degree, but there are better alternatives out there. These companies will eventually discover these better alternatives and it will empower hearing impaired consumers all around the world to finally live a healthy, happy life!

Noise Cancellation Technology Will Improve

There is no doubt that noise cancellation technology is amazing. In fact, this technology is a must for anyone who is experiencing hearing impairment issues. Just remember that it is not perfect at this point in time. It is undeniably true that this technology will evolve and improve in the years to come. After all, it has shown great benefit at this point. People with hearing loss are going to benefit immensely from these improvements too. It is a known fact that these types of headphones are actually the safest out there. If they’re improved upon further, they’ll be even safer.

In return, this will ensure that consumers with and without hearing issues will be able to enjoy the sounds without any risks whatsoever. This ensures that the music can be played at a safe level. After all, you don’t feel the need to crank up the volume to make it louder than the background noise.

Headphones That Actually Work

At this point in time, it is possible to buy headphones that are supposed to work for the hearing impaired. These headphones work half of the time, but do not the rest of the time. This is very troubling. There is a good chance that you want a pair of headphones that will work around the clock. If this is the case, you’re probably going to need to wait until technology improves a little bit. As technology continues to improve, there is a real possibility that scientists are going to find ways to develop headphones that work for everyone with hearing loss. This could really revolutionize the world.

If scientists discover the key to the puzzle, they’ll be able to create headphones that give hearing to those with hearing loss. That would be remarkable and it would definitely improve the lives of millions of people far and wide.

7 Benefits Why Wireless Headphones for Laptop is the Future

Ever traveled by train with those earphones or headphones plugged in? The silence in the storm, the calm in the mad rush is just unparalleled.

In a way, headphones are nothing but gadgets that help to convert audio signals to sound waves, providing music to the ears. They can even help to cancel outdoor noises, offering the best experience.

While you can use your headphones to listen to your favorite music, did you know that choosing the right headphones for you can make a significant difference?

According to Ironhorsetrading a valuable headphone site that talks about headphones most of its life. They have found out that wireless headphones will increase its market value for 2020 and almost 80% of the people will start wearing wireless headphones, headsets, earbuds starting the year 2018.

Yes, every headphone is made more or less the same way – with hearing aids and connected with a band which passes over the head.

It is sturdy, and hence you don’t have to worry about it falling out unlike earphones, which tend to fall off the ear at even a slight jerk.

However, the headphone you choose, if you are a gamer, is going to be different than the one you would want if you are an audiophile.


Why Do You Need a Wireless Headphone as a Gamer?

LeBron James Beats by Dre commercialGaming is fun, but if you’re looking to beat your competitors, you need everything from a good controller, a gaming mouse to the best headphones. Complete your gaming experience with a wireless headphone.

The question though is, which wireless headphone is the right one for you? Beats wireless headphones remain the most popular choice in the U.S., with over 49% of wireless headphone owners owning one of them.

However, wireless headphones from other makers like Bose and Sony are becoming popular too.


Which Is the Right One?

There are several types of earphones available in the market, and you can choose according to the price, sound quality, nature of use, design, color, and more. A few types of earphones are as follows –

  • Noise Cancelling Earphones
  • On-ear earphone
  • Over-ear earphone
  • Ear-buds
  • In-ear earphones

So many options that you’re spoiled for choice, right? Thorough research on each of these will help you to understand precisely what is your requirement, and help you purchase the right one in no time.


7 Reasons why wireless headphones for Laptops is the Future

Ever heard about wireless or Bluetooth headphones? These headphones make use of your Bluetooth device, thus efficiently helping to transmit sound and audio files to your ears, without any extra cables or wires attached.

beats wireless headphonesHeadphones have proven to be a lifesaver for gamers, in the most real sense of the word.

While players would benefit the most from wireless headphones, audiophiles would love it too.

They are easy to use and offer all that you can expect from conventional headphones.

Let us take a look at some reasons why wireless headphones are the future.

1) It brings out an added effect

A real gaming experience should be complete with all the extra added sounds, picture quality, and graphics. Good quality headphones help the Gamer to play with the important sounds and picture effects, creating an absolutely marvellous experience for the gamer.

2) Sound Quality

If you’re a gamer and are serious about the different games, you play on. Your console, then investing in a pair of good quality headphones is a perfect choice. It helps the gamer to create an atmosphere complete with the required effects and graphics. You don’t have to worry about the fraction of second delays when it comes to headphone sounds.

Unlike for a gaming mouse, which we talked about before, and the need for a wired one, you can enjoy the increased flexibility of a wireless headphone.

3) Lesser distraction

The sooner you purchase wireless headphones; the lower is the amount of time you’ll waste on detangling those wired headsets. Besides that, it also helps you to concentrate on your game. It creates fewer distractions for you, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

4) Adapt to newer technology

As man moves ahead in the areas of technology, others should also do the same. Several technical enhancements are happening daily; every person needs to be adept as far as technology is concerned. Nobody can deny the fact that wireless headphones are here to stay, and are not going anywhere soon.

5) Freedom from cables

LeBron James wearing beatsWireless headphones come with the added advantage of getting rid of those additional cables. You don’t have to think twice before getting up from your game to have a glass of water.

It helps to get rid of cables and bring out the ultimate gaming experience.

6 ) Convenience

You don’t have to think twice if you need to get up from your gaming chair. Wireless headphones are convenient a hence, allow you to move around freely. You can also travel using your headphones, and they wouldn’t be entangled in any of the cables, because there aren’t any. Such headphones are useful to travel light and with ease.

7) Comfort

There are several new headphones available in the market that are lightweight, comfortable and easy to handle, thus providing the ultimate gaming experience to the gamer. Companies have now understood the requirements of their customers, what are their preferences and how they have way more stages to cover ahead.

Conclusion :

Wireless headphones have undoubtedly proven to be helpful for gamers. There are very few to simply no downside in ditching the earphones for their broadcast counterparts. And we aren’t just talking about real players here – other PC and laptop users would understand the true worth of these headphones and adapt to them soon as well.

Let’s face it – they are easier to carry around, and you don’t have to worry about the wires tangling themselves around and stopping to work. Plus, with a good many hours of battery backups that laptops today have to offer, you don’t have to worry about that little bit of extra battery juice having a Bluetooth connection on will take up.

Of course, there is no stop to the continuous changes in technology. Who knows? Maybe slowly these wireless headphones could be replaced with something better?

For now, for sure, the future is wireless headphones.

10 Things to Consider while Buying a Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop

Interested in playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed Origins but cannot decide whether to buy a laptop or a desktop for gaming? Before investing a lot of money on one of these gaming systems, know the difference of each. It will just help you to buy the best.


The Top 10 Things to Know To Help You Make the Right Choice

Following are some o the parameters on which a laptop and desktop for gaming can be compared.


The CPU Performance.

Although many laptops come with a quad-core processor, they still stand no chance in front of a desktop offering a six or eight-core processor. Therefore, powerful gaming desktops perform better and have faster functionality for a similarly priced gaming laptop.

A laptop CPU also heats faster than and is difficult to cool than a desktop CPU which can be efficiently water cooled.

Laptop vs. DesktopAnother important factor in case of a Desktop CPU is that even if it gets a little damaged due to overheating because of the intensive use during gaming, it can be easily replaced since it is an external hardware component, opposed to which, a Laptop CPU cannot be replaced since it is an internal component.


GPU Performance

The Graphics Processing Unit is one of the most critical components in a gaming system. That being said, high-end laptops have proved to be very powerful but slower than desktop GPU.

The all-new gaming laptops are functional in a manner that more and more power can be crammed into them. However, the drawback is that you cannot swap them out in case of dysfunction which is possible to do in a Desktop.


Display and Graphics.

While graphics are more dependent on the GPU performance of the gaming system, there is no use of great graphics if the display is not good. With new high-end laptops, there has been a tremendous success in monitor displays in high resolution in notebooks than in desktops. These might vary from a 60hz display or a 3D display.

Touchscreen laptops are not recommended since they decrease the overall performance of massive games like Gran Theft auto and are also more expensive than other varieties. Apart from laptop displays having a shorter display size, they are a total win for presentations for gaming purposes.


Ability to Upgrade

Sure, it would always be the best to buy a gaming system which fits your needs and purposes. However, they are subject to change. Your PC or laptop wouldn’t be able to run the latest games say five years down the line. You would need to look at increasing storage or the RAM. The question is – does your machine allow you to do that?

Desktops are a clear win in this context where video cards, motherboards, etc. can be easily swapped which is not so the case in laptops where apart from the RAM, nothing can be traded as it is a part of the internal system.


The Sound.

Games are all about experience, and everything from the graphics to the sound play a role. The music is a significant factor to be considered for gamers to provide a complete gaming experience to them with high audio resolution.

With new and upgraded technology coming out daily, some laptops and desktops come with an audio resolution like those of a JBL or BOSE speaker and the advantage being that such systems are not very expensive too.


The Storage

Gaming requires a lot of storage for which it only makes sense to buy a device which has enough space and the ability to increase storage if needed.

On top of that, you wouldn’t want your hard drive to crash at the most unexpected of times. Storage reliability is essential, a reason you need to look at SSD’s.

Laptops have an optimum storage space which can be increased with the help of hard drives or SSD’s. On the other hand, SSD’s maybe a little overpriced depending on your budget. Desktops have quite a lot of storage space, the best part being that a SATA cable can increase lots of storage space without compromising on speed and performance of the desktop.



gamingWhile you will want the best features for your gaming experience to be top notch, it is also vital to stay on budget and find a system which is a complete value for money product.

You can buy a good gaming desktop between $600-$700 with all the features like high-resolution display, sound, and storage enhancing capabilities. Laptops are expensive and can range from $1000-$5000 with excellent features.


The Portability

Portability is a significant obstacle because Desktops cannot be quickly shifted and carried as they are quite bulky, come with a lot of equipment and a little challenging to set up. On the other hand, laptops are easy to carry.


The Keyboards

Keyboards are a significant factor to be considered while buying a gaming system as you will be doing a lot of work on the keyboard to play the game.

While desktops do have excellent keyboards with advanced options, there is no doubt that a laptop has new features with its advanced technology which provide a full modern arena gaming.


The Value for money.

A gaming system should be such that it provides the maximum benefits with reasonable pricing.

While laptops are a little expensive, they are also a lot more advanced in the features than a desktop and also have portability advantages which might make the cost worth it. On the other hand, a desktop will have excellent features, a higher quality display, more storage, and portability disadvantages at a lower price than a laptop.


What Should You Go For?

To conclude, the fine line between choosing laptops or desktops for gaming is narrowing day by day with advanced features being developed in desktops in a lightweight model and storage enhancing and other bugs being fixed in laptops.

In the end, it all depends upon your choice and the ability to compare and contrast different laptops and desktops to buy the best fit for you.

10 Reasons to Purchase a Windows Laptop for a Music Production

Till a decade back, the music industry relied on Mac when for all of its needs. Windows-based machines were considered to be lower performers and weren’t considered for music production.

But times have changed, and now there is hardly any difference between Mac and Windows-based machines. In fact, there seems to be quite a few advantages when it comes to producing music using a Windows laptop.


The Top Reasons to Purchase a Windows Laptop for Music Production

Many musicians and freelance artists have now switched to Windows laptop for music production. In this post, we will explore the reasons which make Windows laptops favorable for music production.

DJ Mixing

Let’s begin!

1. You Don’t Spend So Much

Everybody knows that you need to burn a hole in your pocket if you are going to buy a Mac machine. Windows-based laptops are many costs effective, and you can get them at lower prices than Mac products. For example, you can get only a standard Mac laptop for $1000, while you can get a Windows machine with the proper configuration for the same price.

The extra money that you save can be spent on better processors and storage.


2. Everybody Uses Windows

It has to be accepted without any debate that there are more Windows users than Mac. Some estimates put the number at 1 billion though Microsoft claims Windows 10 has 400 million active users.

When you are going for Windows laptop, you can easily collaborate with other artists and musicians that use Windows platform. Windows devices also sync in better with other devices, so you have nothing to worry about. Add to it the fact that you are probably well versed with the user interface, and so are all those you would be interacting with. It just gets simpler keeping everyone in the loop. It’s simple, effective and it gets the job done.


3. Free Plugins and Programs

Music production need a wide array of programs and applications apart from the main DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you are using. Many plugins used in music production are free for Windows, and you can also get more of them compared to Mac.

Not only that, but you can also get a massive amount of free VST instruments and other freeware in case of Windows laptop. You won’t find that if you are going in for a Mac.


4. Availability of Windows-based DAWs

Even a decade back, many of the DAWs were released for Mac only. But now most of the popular DAWs such as BitWig, Ableton Live and Pro Tools are also available for Windows. You can also find reliable DAWs which work on Windows only such as FL Studio and Cakewalk SONAR. You don’t need to worry about the problem of not having compatible DAWs for Windows-based laptops anymore.


5. Matching High-Performance Hardware

Musician and artists used to think that Mac has superior hardware compared to Windows machines. But the idea is an old one, and Windows-based laptops have caught on to Mac specifications in performance and storage.

Now you can get quad-core processors in Windows laptops with high RAM to handle all your music production needs. Mac laptops and PCs are powerful but let’s face it; Apple isn’t focusing on the Mac range for a while now. Many in the music production industry want a good 32 GB RAM for one, and you wouldn’t be able to get it if you’re looking at a Mac. Did we add that if you own a Mac, it’s just that extra but challenging to upgrade any of the hardware?

Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S any good for music production

6. Wide Range of Products

Apple in its lineup of Mac notebooks has only a limited number of an offering. But in the case of Windows, you can find a considerable amount of brands and companies making laptops of different specifications.

You have the freedom to choose from an increased number of devices keeping your preferences into consideration.


7. The advance of Gaming Laptops for Music production

turns out that the Windows-based gaming laptops are ideal for music production because of their high-end specifications. They come with quad-core processors with a high amount of RAM and even have fast performing SSD in place of mechanical hard drives.

They also have added features like IPS display and high-quality GPU which enhances the performance of the laptop making it fit for music production.


8. You Can Run Programs Easily

Let’s face it. When it comes to music production, you would need access to different tools. Unfortunately, not all of them will run on a Mac. Mac for one only supports installation files with a .dmg extension. On the other hand, most of your data would be in .exe.

Sure, some of the favorite music production apps do come with a .dmg extension as well, but not all do. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself not being able to run that ever important program. You can easily avoid that by going in for Windows.

Laptop Specs For Music Production

Verdict – Windows laptops are Far Robust than Before

If you’re looking to do more with your music production, you need a PC that can do it all. Thankfully, vendor laptops like the Surface Pro are powerful enough to help you with all your music production and editing needs. So, you have it secure than before and unlike music professionals from the back, do not need to depend on Mac to get your job done. Windows can help you do the job too, if not better. And with its freedom compared to Mac, you are sure to love it too.

Microsoft has upped its game with the Windows 10, and you don’t have to worry about anything now – unlike back in the 1990s.

When were In-Ear Monitors invented and why?

If you are a musician, an audio engineer or even an audiophile, you would want to make your listening experience better. You don’t want one of those ‘audited’ headphones out there that make the music look better.

Instead, you would want something that gives you the right tones, and the real highs and lows. However, it’s not as easy to get one – and that’s what is sure to bother many music lovers.

Why not go for something that gives you just the mix of vocals – which you can use whether you love music at home or on stage for live performances? IEM’s or In-Ear Monitors are what you’re looking for, and you could customize them to fit you comfortably. You can also use them during audio mixing making them the perfect all-around solution. With noise reduction from your surroundings, you have nothing to worry about.

Sounds like such a sophisticated device, doesn’t it? Well, it is!


When Were In-Ear Monitors Invented?

However in-ear monitors(IEMs) were not invented until two decades ago. So how did live performances go on? Because the show must go on, right?

Well, the show did go on. Live performances, concerts; orchestras had begun way before anyone even thought that there was a need of in-ear monitors.

In Ear MonitorsThe live performances and music concerts used huge speaker-like devices called stage monitor wedges. These were large boxes these were placed in front of the performer, and a stage desk separately mixed the stage sound. And the result was, the stage sound was often not very high.

Also, there were orchestras. Oh! The grandeur! Substantial extravagant bands are comprising hundreds of musicians and thousands of people in the audience. That 60-piece orchestra had a charm of their own. How did they manage? They listened to each other.

The Top Problems When You Didn’t Have In-Ear Monitors

Sure, you may have had access to so many musicians even in the early 1900’s, but it surely wasn’t the same back then.

All these methods came with their share of drawbacks. Here is a look at all that plagued music lovers and musicians alike.


The stage monitor wedges could only be placed in front of one performer, so the others were at a disadvantage.

The stage monitor wedges significantly increased the onstage volume

While the stage monitor wedges amplified the noise, the musicians were not able to hear themselves. More stage monitors led to more amplitude and more stage noise.

The musicians in the orchestra often could not understand a lot of instruments. The musicians at one end couldn’t even understand the devices laying at the other end. It only makes sense since the orchestras used to be nearly 75-feet wide!


The Need for In-Ear Monitors

So, it was realized that there was a need for the more sophisticated system. History is a testimony to the fact that only when there is a need felt for something is it created; the same happened with IEM’s.

Homemade in-ear monitors did begin surfacing in the early 1970’s, and Chris Lindop made more effective in-ear monitors and used by Stevie Wonder in the 1980s.

DIY in Ear MonitorsStevie Wonder had a mobile broadcast-standard FM radio station Wonderland Radio while on tour with Chris Lindop for giving performances. On stage, Wonder used a standard Walkman FM Radio receiver tuned to Wonderland Radio which broadcast his mix to him via a pair of earbuds. It was his way of ensuring that he kept to the tune and that performers alongside him had no problem keeping track of it all.

This system allowed Wonder to walk freely around the stage listening to his mix while performing. It was from him that the idea of in-ear monitors was born – as other musicians saw how useful this was.

Chris Lindop, who was a sound engineer, went on to develop smaller systems for many artists after this. He established the Radio Station which was later manufactured by Garwood Communications.

But would be almost a decade before any significant development occurred.

In 1995, while Jerry Harvey, yet another sound engineer, while touring with Van Halen as a monitor engineer, drummer Alex Van Halen felt the intense volume of stage monitors were hurting his ears and making it difficult for the band members to communicate with each other on stage during their performance.

Alex expressed interest in personal in-ear monitors as a means of reducing volume on stage and Jerry started researching options.

After deciding no quality monitors were available, Jerry used his experience in the arena of sound engineering to create the first 2-way custom earpieces.

He found a high-frequency driver and after some searching added a pacemaker speaker designed to help users get a ‘zap’.

In-ear monitors were a natural evolution of not being able to hear. They blocked -26Db of noise while also providing a sound source that does not contribute to overall stage noise for other musicians. In turn, they delivered an exceptional private mix at safe hearing levels, something that both audiophiles and artists loved.

For music lovers, it meant that they could listen to all the music that they needed, quickly, without worries. For artists, it said that sound recording and mixing got simpler as they could hear the right tones. Additionally, when they were performing on stage, they didn’t have to worry about missing out on beats any more as they could listen to all that was happening, crystal clear.

In-Ear Monitoring

In-Ear Monitors Today

In-ear monitors have got popular in the last two decades among all musicians and music lovers.

With this invention, every band member has his or her monitor mix according to their performance of vocals and instruments. They decreased the overall onstage and improved the clarity of the mix for the performers.

And this is how in-ear monitor brought a revolution in the music industry. Do you use in-ear monitors for yourself too? Let us know in the comments below!

8 Facts on Why IEMS are Better Than Headphones

In-Ear Monitors of IEMs are used for stage performances by musicians to monitor the audio. They have replaced traditional wedge monitors and are increasingly used by professional performers.

And it is not just professional performers and musicians who love them – it is for everyone, whether you are a professional audio mixer, singer or just a music lover. So, what is it that makes this IEM’s a better experience? Why should you prefer them over headphones?


In-Ear Earphones Vs Earbuds Vs Custom IEM's

But as it turns out, they can also be great forever day listening to your favorite tracks. They can also be used to tailor your music experience to suit your preferences. Today, we will explore the different reasons which make IEMs score over headphones.

1. Professional Performance

IEMs are popular with professional artists, audio engineers, musicians and audiophiles who live and breathe by the name of music. The device produces studio quality sound which is far superior to any consumer based headphones or earphones. You don’t get contaminated sound here, which means that you get crystal clear highs and lows, and pure tones that you will love.

You will enjoy a high quality of audio with all instruments and vocals audible to you via the IEMs. It is used by artists on stage for monitoring the sound and provides a professional performance compared to headphones. So, you can set your standards high and be sure to get them satisfied. As a singer, since you get to know exactly how you sound to others – with the right tones and sound – you can tinker around your performance and music as you need. Adjusting real time, and even helping your performers be in sync with you leads to better performance and more crowd appreciation – which we are sure you would love.


2. Noise Isolation Done the Right Way

Environmental or ambient noise is a big factor when it comes to enjoying your music without disturbances. Headphones sit over your ear and don’t do a satisfactory job of blocking the noises around you.

IEMs appear as the winner as isolation is one of its main fortes. The earpieces offer a better seal and cut out the ambient noise enabling you to listen to only music. You can also expect fewer disturbances as the earpieces are made to custom fit based on the ear shape of the person.

The high isolation offered by IEMs is another reason they are preferred on stage over traditional monitors.


3. Better Technology

The IEMs feature advanced technology which contributes towards its high quality of sound. The technology enables the device to produce audio as close as the actual sound. They also come with the particular linear driver which features highly accurate driver positioning. This offers high standard audio which headphones cannot think of matching.

The improved technology brings out every detail of the music, and you can discern them separately.

Philips TX1 and TX2 IEMs

4. Comfort is Just One of the Things You Will Love

Headphones are not the most comfortable thing you can use to listen to your music. The can be clunky and heavy and feel like a weight sitting over your head. You might gate fatigue or tiredness after putting them on for a long duration.

IEMs are small and fit right into the canal of your ear cozily. Most of them are customized to offer an optimal fit, so there is no question of discomfort. You can tailor them to the shape of your ear till you get a perfect fit which provides you ultimate comfort.


5. Mobility is Something that Is Great!

IEMs are perfect for active uses such as sports, working out, biking and so on. They are tiny and sit right in your ear without any chance of being dislodged. You can run or jump, and they still keep playing your audio tracks.

Headphones, on the other hand, are not meant for such active use. They are more useful while relaxing, sitting on the couch watching your favorite show, gaming, and other stationary purposes.

You can also just put your IEMs in your pocket when you are not using them!


6. Personal Control

IEMs empower you by offering you direct control over anything that you hear. You can choose between different mixes, and you can also tweak the volume levels using the controls on the body pack.

You can choose stereo mix which provides the same audio level in both years. The IEMs give you control to pan left and right to adjust audio levels for each ear. You can also use the controls on bodypack to balance the sound sources if you are working on a track.

For example, you can drive guitar and vocals in the right ear and bass and drums in the left ear.


7. Versatile Listening

All headphones do not sound the same. They come with a signature sound based on the highs, mids, lows and other features such as fit, dampening materials and so on. Each headphone is good for a different type of music, and you may not get the same feeling in all of them.

IEMs, on the other hand, are meant for versatile use. You can try them out for any genre of music whether rock or country and get optimal sound in each case. You can purchase one set of IEM and listen to a wide variety of music without any problem.


8. They are Discreet

Yes, nobody will notice you are wearing them, which does come in handy especially when you are a singer and have your live performances coming up.

Anybody can see your vast headphones sitting on top of your head. Not everyone likes to go out in public with a headphone on and sometime it may also make you look funny.

IEMs are as discreet as they can be and hardly noticeable. That is also another reason musicians use it on stage.

Are Skullcandy earbuds good?

Skullcandy has always been one of my favorite brands for all music lovers. Their headphones, whether in-ears, earbuds, over-ears, or on-ear, have always been some of the best available on the market. The Skull candy earbuds can be found easily in most stores ranging from a couple of dollars to a slightly more expensive pair of earphones.

Among the most commonly used earphones produced by the brand, the earbuds are the best of the lot. If you are wondering that skull candy earbuds are good or not, this article will tell you everything that you need to know.

Tutorial – The Different Types of Earbuds to Choose From

Skullcandy produces two types of earbuds, wired and wireless. We will take a look at how you can choose between the two.

Wired earbuds: The wired earbuds are readily available everywhere and the most commonly used Skull candy earphones. The wired earbuds are designed to work with all devices and fit in the tiniest of spaces as well. The wired earbuds are also inexpensive and produce good quality of music.

Wireless earbuds: The wireless earbuds are explicitly designed for people who are into Sports and don’t want to carry their phones in their hands while running or to work out.

The earbuds have a band that rests on the neck and has earbuds on either side of it connected by a thin wire. These earbuds can be connected to any device with Bluetooth in it. The lie on the expensive side of the price range spectrum but produce excellent quality sound.



The Top Steps to Find the Right Skullcandy Headphone for You

To make your job simpler, we will be talking about the few things that you need to take a look at to ensure that you get the right Skullcandy product for yourself.

Step 1- Decide what you need it for it’s one of the first things that you need to ask yourself – how do you plan to use it? Your headphone needs would differ considering whether you want to use it during your travel or one that you would want to use when you are sweating it out at the gym.

It’s not just about choosing whether you want a wired – great during your gym and sports session – or a wireless one – great for everything else. You might also prefer an in-ear design more than an over the ear design. Understanding what you will help you start the process.

Step 2– Do you like the Design? Skullcandy headphones are appreciated for their unique and fresh designs. It is extremely popular among the younger generation due to its relevant and continuously evolving design. All the skull candy headphones usually offer a bright color scheme that catches the eyes of the user as well as someone who’s passing them by.

All the Skull candy earphones come with the brand’s logo, that is, the skull, printed on the earbuds. The design of the rest of the headphones depends on the range they are from. The most common ones include a color scheme of red, yellow, and green whereas the recent set of earbuds have holographic designs on them.

Step 3- Look at the ComfortThe length of the wire offered for the wired earbuds is long enough to provide comfort even when the device is a little far. For the wireless earbuds, the neck rest supplied with the headphones is sturdy and rests well on the back. It doesn’t cause any discomfort as it is quite light in the weight and can have the earbuds folded into it when not in use.

The brand provides with three sets of earbuds to accommodate to the size of your ears. The earbuds do not cause any discomfort and can be easily used for hours on end. Earbuds are usually said to hurt the inside of the ears after long hours of usage, but the skull candy earbuds take care of that issue with soft silicone earbuds instead of hard plastic ones.

Step 4 – Check the Sound QualityThe most crucial aspect to any pair of headphones, whether they are earbuds of over-ears is their sound quality. If the earphones do not fare well on that part, their design and comfort become redundant. Skull candy has been known for producing good quality headphones, and their earbuds do not disappoint in that area as well.

If you are looking for something more, you would need to look at the premium offerings from Skullcandy. This includes features like noise isolation and noise cancellation, both of which can make your listening experience a tad notch better.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Good?

They sure are.

Skullcandy headphones are a rage today for an excellent reason – they don’t just focus on good sound quality, they offer some great designs without compromising on durability.

All the skull candy earbuds promise the isolation one needs from the world while listening to the music. Gamers and music lovers will, therefore, enjoy working with the earbuds. Most of them also offer noise cancellation up to some level so that you’re not disturbed while immersed in your work. This quality especially appeals to people who’re into music or like clarity while listening to things.

The earbuds also take care of different types of music and offer just the right amount of bass required, if not a lot. As a result, all headphones by the brand can produce quality music over a variety of genres.



The Skull candy headphones fare well on the aspects of sound quality, comfort, and design. Even the products from the brand that do not manage well offer a better sound and support as compared to many other in the market under the same price range. Therefore, skull candy earbuds prove to be a good purchase and can be used while listening to music, audiobooks, or gaming.

What is Most Important In a Gaming Laptop?

Many gaming purists still vouch for desktops when we talk about performance. ButMyou won’t be able to carry around desktops to your friend’s place!

Gaming laptops are portable and these days they perform at par with top end desktops. You can run games like GTA 5, Middle Earth Shadow of War and Star Wars Battlefront 2 without any hiccups on the latest rigs that deliver ultimate graphics with faster FPS.

The machines also handle VR applications like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which can transform the experience to another level.

Gaming laptops offer the latest specs and hardware so that you can enjoy the best resolution with a smooth gameplay. A combination of hardware components is responsible for running your game and some of them deserve consideration if you want to get the right machine.

Often, many people ask –

What is the most important aspect in a gaming laptop?

Gaming Laptops reviewIf you ask any geek, he will tell you that it is the GPU or the graphics card. But that alone cannot get your game running; you also need an efficient processor and substantial RAM to get the best gaming experience.

Let’s explore a bit about each of them!


The graphics card can be considered the heart of your gaming laptop. You should invest in a serious graphics card or GPU that is integrated in the motherboard.

The GPU brings the display alive by processing the gaming data and delivering it to the monitor. Intensive games demand the GPUs to work very hard and you will want to get a graphics card with adequate video ram or VRAM.

The main player in the area of GPU in the current market is Nvidia with their GeForce GTX series. The latest offering comes in 10 series configuration like the GTX 1080. Nvidia has the monopoly in the market as AMD Raedon chipsets still rely on old technology and yet to be upgraded.

What should I Look At?

There are a couple of things that decide whether the game that you plan to play on your gaming laptop would run smoothly. We take a look at each of them below.


1. The GPU which includes the Graphics Card

Graphics CardThe general rule in case of GPUs is that higher model numbers denotes higher performance. The latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 can smoothly run demanding games like GTA 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider with the resolution and special effects set at high.


But the GTX 1080 is really costly and on found in high end machines.

The minimum you should go for would be the Nvidia GTX 1060. It comes with 6 GB VRAM which should be sufficient for most gamers. You shouldn’t go for a GPU that offers less than 4 GB VRAM.

You can play games like Witcher 3 and Effect: Andromeda at 1080P with some of the special effects without compromising on FPS. It can also be run on 4K with a few adjustments and get a pleasant VR experience by connecting your Vive or Rift headsets.

Now you can also go for the expensive Nvidia’s Scalable Link Interface (SLI) which supports two GPUs. Using the platform up to 4 GPUs can function together for improved rendering and better graphics scaling.

2. Processor and RAM

Now we are talking about the brain of your gaming platform which is made up by the processor and RAM.


What is the RAM?

Processor and RAM8 GB of RAM should be enough for running most of the high end games out there. You can go for 16 GB, but it is less important than getting a faster GPU or processor. Most of the laptops meant for gaming tournaments need a good 16 GB of RAM. Don’t go in for anything less than 8 GB though – your games just won’t run.

The other thing to note is that you need DDR4 or DDR5 RAM. Anything lesser than that isn’t going to work and they are not going to compliment either the CPU or the GPU.

What is the CPU?

The processor tackles all non-graphics related aspect of the game like physics calculation and stores the settings and so on.

Here too, AMD fans would be disappointed as the market is owned by Intel. The minimum to look for is the Core i5 which is considered the slowest one. The 7th Generation Core i7 CPU offers satisfying performance which utilizes the Kaby Lake chipset. Intel Core i7 processors, it should be noted, utilize hyper threading technology which ensures that the cores are utilized to its maximum.

Intel Coffee Lake, the new 8th generation CPU announced last year might just be what you are looking for.
They are promised to be as much as 40% faster than the last Sky Lake processor announced by Intel and offer more cores. As a result, they also offer better clock speeds and is available for both the Core i5 and Core i7. It’s definitely something that you should look forward to.

Also, remember to check the clock speed. It is natural that a 3.4 GHz processor will be faster than a 2.4 GHz one.

Why Should You Avoid the Intel i3 Processor?

You can also go for Core i3 but your game options will be limited. You don’t want to spend on an i3 model for many different reasons-

– They are significantly less powerful than the Core i5 and Core i7.
– They do not offer hyper threading technology that can help your computer multi task easily, by combing and utilizing all the cores as needed.
– You won’t be able to play the latest games on an i3 without hiccups.

3. Dual-Core or Quad-Core?

If you are going to buy a Core i7 processor, go for a quad-core.
Dual-core Core i7 can be considered a step up from the Core i5. The suffixes at the end of the model number of the chip will tell you if it’s quad-core- look for the alphabets HQ or HK.

Your target should be a quad-core Core i7 HK chips, which are faster and can be overclocked.

What is a good laptop for gaming?

Looking for a good laptop that can help you play all the games you want seamlessly? A lot depends on the type of gamer you’re. Serious gamers need high end specs while occasional gamers can do with a moderate priced gaming PC as well.

Let me ask you a question.

  • Do you know what goes into a gaming laptop?
  • What does a gaming laptop look like?

Well, if your subconscious conjured up images of Alienware and Razer Laptops, I don’t blame you.
But that’s not what I’m asking you.

Let me ask you a question you most probably will answer.

What makes a good phone?

Gaming LaptopsPat come the reply from your head- great display, amazing battery life, a good processor with more than sufficient RAM, good speaker output and call reception, you get the idea.

You didn’t think of iPhone or Galaxy, or OnePlus for that matter.

It’s because we as millenials have seen the rise of cellphones right before our eyes, and we have educated ourselves tremendously about them.

But the same doesn’t apply to laptops, or computers in general, where there’s still a lot of grey areas that we are not sure about.

This thought struck me last night, and so I decided to write it up for you.

The Top Things You Need in a Gaming Laptop

So here’s what gets a laptop classified as a GAMING machine:

1. The CPU processor:

This one’s a no brainer.

You have to have an absolute beast-on-steroids for a processor in your gaming laptop.

No half measures here.

Take the latest and greatest that Intel and AMD have to offer, if you really are serious about gaming.
There are very few things in life as frustrating as a gorgeous game huffing and puffing and dropping frames all over the place.

Believe me, you are better off with a console if you don’t think splurging on Processors is a good idea. Yes , I said it.

Point to take note of: Go big in the processor department.

2. RAM-bo

RAMThe Random Access Memory (RAM) has to be atleast 16 GB if you’re looking for a true serious gaming behemoth. If you aren’t, even a 8 GB works but you shouldn’t really think of having anything less.

And DDR3 or DDR4 at 400 Mhz (mouth-watering!)

It’s not just about the GB count. You have to take the reading and writing speeds into account as well.

3. The Display

A resolution of 2560×1440 is absolute killer.

You won’t believe what a killjoy a bad resolution can be (though it might help with speeding up the game as less resolution means lesser the pixels pushed around by the processor).

But we are talking about a gaming Laptop here, not some smartphone which can also double up as a clumsy handheld console.

There’s absolutely no excuse for a bad display in a gaming laptop. Period.

4. Graphic card:

You know about it. It’s where the magic happens.

It’s crazy for me to think some people actually want a gaming machine and still don’t want to spend on a graphic card!

If you’ve seen the “system requirements” behind any game cover that you buy, it mentions the processor, the Ram AND The graphics card.

Just go for a high end one already. Any brand can do. They are all amazing.he However, if you’re looking to play the latest games, you need the latest one. Choose from Nvidia or AMD.

5. Hard drive:

Hard driveA 512 GB SSD hard drive at the bare minimum.

Thank you very much (nothing much to discuss here, its pretty much a given that you should have this as the bare minimum, gaming laptop or no gaming laptop).

You shouldn’t go in for a HDD for the simple reason that they can fail at any time. If you’re assembling your own machine, you might want to go in for a fusion drive as well. From Apple, they offer the stability you would need from a hard drive. If you are going to splurge, you could even go in for a 1 TB drive.



6. Battery:

Well, finally we get to something, which is of utmost importance in almost every other type of laptop, but is the last thing to consider breaking the bank for, in a gaming machine. You would need your gaming machine to last long so you would want to get one that can put in the hours you want even without you have g the need to plug in to the power outlet.

Here’s why I say this.

You buy a non-gaming laptop for your business needs while you’re on the go, like replying to mails , or working on a few slides of your presentation that’s due next Wednesday, while you wait for your flight.

But you don’t buy a gaming laptop to make powerpoint presentations (though it’s perfectly fine if you use it for work stuff too!)

You don’t carry your gaming laptop around, and as such, you do not and should not care if the laptop has great battery life or not. You can always plug it in and game away!

7. Speakers:

Again, not a deal breaker for me at all.

Just invest in some home speaker system and headphones already!

On a serious note, it is a bonus if your gaming laptop can produce booming sound in all of your Call of Duty exploits, but frankly, it doesn’t really matter if they don’t.

8. Joystick/controller/insert your favourite word here J

Gaming mouseThis divides opinion.

I think you need it only for FIFA, and other sports games.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is where the real gamers are at.

9. Gaming mouse:

A luxury according to me. You don’t really need it. But it sure is fun to have if you have some spare cash.

So there you have it. Systematic break down of a good gaming laptop.


Let me hear it in the comments below.


Is it a good idea to remove the battery of a laptop when plugged in?

You can use your laptop in two different ways – one having it plugged in and another away from the charging port. Wih time, you would see that your laptop’s battery doesn’t run as great as before. That’s natural – with increasing number of recharge cycles, your battery capacity goes down.

If you are looking to extend the battery life of your laptop, you ay ask yourself as to whether you should remove your laptop battery when it is plugged in?

Removing the battery when you are not using the laptop may help to increase the overall life of the battery. However, is it really possible to remove the battery every time you plug in your laptop?

The debate on this topic is long and never-ending. In short, here is the answer – you shouldn’t aim to take the battery out from your laptop normally.


The Top Things to Note Before Removing Your Laptop Battery

Remember, the following things before attempting to remove the laptop battery.

nonremovable-battery-care-670x3351. Not all laptop batteries can be removed
You cannot remove a laptop battery from a MacBook or a Surface Pro 4. The first thing you need to take a look at before attempting to remove a laptop battery is whether the battery is removable.

2. The battery capacity tells how much charge it holds
For example, a 9-cell battery has 50% more capacity over a 6-cell, but the more cells you have in a battery, the heavier its weight will be. This means that a 6-cell battery will weigh less than a 9-cell battery.

Although there will be a considerable difference in the weight of the units, selecting an alternative with maximum cells offered will still be more practical when it comes to buying a laptop.

The average battery life today is approximately 4-6 hours. This can vary depending on the laptop and also on the applications that you are running.

So, if you will be using your laptop away from a power source a lot, make sure that your laptop has power saving features and long battery duration. You can also purchase a second battery just in case to ensure that you will not be inconvenienced by the sudden dry out of the unit.

Some of today’s laptops can operate for over 10 hours on a single charge, while the latest netbooks can run for 8-12 hours on one charge.


When Should You Remove the Battery from a Laptop?

The best time to remove your laptop battery depends on your convenience.

1. If You Are Going to Use the Laptop for a While

remove the batteryOne of the ways to consider if you should remove the battery while charging is to see how long will you have the laptop plugged in. If you are going to work on your laptop for a stretch, say eight hours and then shut it and not use it until the next day, consider removing the battery.

However, if you plan to keep the laptop plugged in for more than an hour and would be moving around, it is the best to keep your battery on your laptop.

2. If You Aren’t Going to Use the Laptop For a While
You may want to remove the laptop battery even when the laptop is not plugged in. Consider removing the battery is if you are not going to use your laptop for a long time like for the next couple of weeks. If this is the case then it is better to remove the battery.

3. When You Don’t Have to Worry about the Power Supply
The last thing, you need an uninterrupted power supply. If there are frequent power cuts or thunderstorms that could lead to loss of electricity, keep your battery in the laptop. This way you will not be disrupting your work.


Removing the Battery Is a Good Idea

The easiest way to your laptop or its battery to get damaged is by overheating. The battery can wear out quickly if it has been charged full and hot for a long time.

Everyone has surely experienced a hot lap or a burning sensation when touching some areas around the battery during laptop overheating.

While a pillow may protect your skin and lap, it will increase the overheating of the battery. In addition to all this, using your machine for power intensive activities like gaming can increase the amount of heat. Therefore, in such cases, you may want to remove the battery of your laptop while it is plugged in.


How should You Remove the Battery from a Laptop?

When you are removing the battery of your laptop, you should just proceed accordingly.

Step 1- First, you need to shut down your laptop.
Step 2 – Now, plug out the laptop from the wall.
Step 3- Remove the battery from the back of the laptop.
Step 4- Again, plug in the power cable into the socket in the wall.
Step 5- Switch on your laptop and use normally.


Storing the Laptop Battery

Once you have removed the battery of your laptop, the most important thing is to store the battery well to keep it long lasting and to avoid it from getting spoilt.

Step 1- Store batteries after charging them to around 30% and 50%.

Step 2- Store the batteries in a dry place where it isn’t too cold or too hot. Manufacturers recommend the storage temperature to be between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3 – Don’t just store your batteries anywhere. Some people even keep their battery in refrigerators- that’s not a good idea.
You don’t want the laptop battery to get humidity exposure for a long time. If you keep it in the fridge, warm it up to normal temperature without heating it up. Doing all this is a big hassle in itself.

Storing the Laptop Battery


The debate is endless on if is it is a good idea to remove the battery while it is plugged in. You should see the circumstances and situations before deciding on removing the battery. If you do remove the battery, then remember to store it properly.