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cool down my laptop

How can I cool down my laptop?

Laptops are more powerful and compact than ever before. They are packed with a great number of processors, strong graphics card and big sized screens with high resolutions. While all these developments are exciting, they do come at a cost most of the times – overheating.

Excess heat in a laptop can cause hardware failure, causing permanent damage. Today, we will show you how you can cool down an overheating laptop with a few simple steps.

How Can You Cool Down Your Laptop?

If you’re experiencing heat issues while working on your laptop, check if everything is working fine as it should.

  • For instance, the laptop fan may not be working.
  • The laptop could be on a closed surface where it cannot let go of the heat.

If you aren’t careful, your laptop could soon get heated up and stop working. Worse, you may need to spend hundreds of dollars on its repair, which I am sure you would rather want to avoid.


The Top Steps to Avoid Overheating

Remember, if you aren’t careful your laptop could start overheating in as less as an hour of use.
To cool down your laptop, just follow these few simple steps.

Step 1 – Place the laptop on a flat and hard surface

ROG ZephyrusThe biggest reason which is causing excess heat in your laptop is the place you are keeping your laptop. Is it on a soft surface like the bed or pillow?

Then you are keeping it in the wrong place because such places impair the air flow process and cause the heat to build up on your laptop.

  • You need to find a flat and hard surface to maintain the airflow and thus reduce overheating.
  • You can use a tray or a laptop holder or a stand. However, do not keep it on the floor because the laptop will tend to collect the dust particles from the floor.
  • Additionally, you should try making sure not to cover the vents with stickers or other decorative materials.

Working by sitting on a chair with your laptop on the table has several health benefits too – helping you take care of sore muscles, among others.

Try working in a cool room and not place your laptop under direct sunlight. This tip is especially useful during summers where you might want to work long hours at a stretch. However, if you don’t ensure that there is sufficient airflow, you might experience your laptop heating up easily.

Step 2 – Clean out the dust

Is there dust on your laptop? If yes then you need to clean it out. The simplest way to so this is to spray a can of compressed air into the vents.

  • To do this, you have to make sure that your laptop is switched off and is not plugged into the socket.
  • In addition, you can also use a cotton pad to clean out the visible.
  • Or you can use a computer vacuum to suck out the dust.

One more option is to open the panel of your computer to access the fan directly and clean it. If you choose this option, then you need to be careful of the sensitive components. However, by doing this, you might have to bid goodbye to the warranty. You can also have a manufacturer look at your computer if you have a warranty.


Step 3 – Invest in a laptop stand

Buy a laptop stand online – some even come with a fan while others also have cushions in built to offer you a better and comfortable experience.

You can research on the types of laptop stands and see the one that suits you the best. However, if you are into crafts or DIY things, then you can even make one. You can look online on how to make a stand. It can be made using beverage bottle tops, ice packs, cookie sheets and much more. They don’t cost as much too – you could get one for well less than a hundred dollars and it may make sense considering how useful it could be.

laptop stand


Have you checked the settings of your laptop?

You might have tried to do everything but have you tried checking and adjusting your settings? If not, then maybe it is time to do that. You need to make sure that your laptop can handle a heavy graphics load, especially if you are a heavy gamers or movie watcher. Do not try updating your software if it works fine as your ultimate goal should be to reduce the workload of your machine.

In addition to this, you can also try to decrease the screen’s brightness, closing idle apps and unplugging the USB powered devices. Lastly, see that the power management settings on your laptop are activated.

What Else Can You Do?

The important thing to note is that heating happens primarily because the laptop is either unable to take the workload or because the fab isn’t working as it should. In either case, a simple thing can help – to take care of your laptop.

If you have both a desktop and a laptop, then you should divide your time between both the machines. You should not put your laptop to sleep, hibernate or shutdown very often.

For example, if you switched on your laptop for checking a mail then it will be better to leave your laptop on and especially if you will be using it later again in the day. A laptop and a desktop are very different. Therefore, you should take more care of your laptop and not abuse it as much as the desktop.


If you are facing issues with your laptop because of excess heat, then you need to start making amends. You can use all or one of the methods to cool your laptop to make it long lasting and keep it healthy.

If none of these helps, you may want to are your laptop to the service centre. If your laptop is old, you may want to replace it since heating up could happen because the processor is unable to handle the different tasks you need.

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