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Know Why Is a Core i7 really needed for a gaming laptop?

Looking to get a new laptop and are still pondering if it’s a good idea to go for Core i7?

Here is the thing that you need to know about the Core i7 when it comes to a gaming laptop – the i7 is better in nearly all aspects compared to the i5 when it comes to gaming. The only reason people still love to go in for the i5 is because it’s still capable to run most of your games without any major hiccups.

However, if you are looking to run the games of the future, the i7 is what you really need. With the introduction of the 8th generation core series processors, or the Intel Coffee Lake, by Intel last year, things are just about to get better for the i7. Here is what you can expect:

1. More Power

The new 8th generation core processors are expected to be 40% better in performance compared to the 2017 Sky Lake processors by Intel. That is a major improvement in itself, and as a result, you could expect better gameplay.

2. Better Graphics

The 6 Core PC is sure to acomodate better graphics. As it is, the i7 core processors are far better enabled to take on the i5 processors when it comes to graphics – and the new 8th gen processors will widen the difference. Experience fat better effects when you play 3D games or games in high resolutions like 4K.

In fact, according to tests carried out by PC Gamer, the new processors for the 8th generation core have surpassed all other processors today when it comes to the gaming performance. The i7-8700K processor in question, consistantly played modern games at frame rates above 75 fps.

3. It’s great for Non Gaming Purposes Too!

The other reason you would love the new 8th gen chips is because it makes every other task like video editing so simpler. In tests, it has been seen that the chips perform twice as better when it comes to i5 processors.

How Can Core i7 Help You With Gaming?

Alienware AW15

The basic difference on why i7 chips are better than the i5 ones is the number of cores that htey handle. Core i5 processors can handle fewer core, and thus support fewer simultaneous threads. As a result, you cannot multi task as easily, and have to wait for programs to finish before you could launch another.

Core i7 processors have hyper threading in then, which can help them to reach a capacity even more than the number of cores that they have, helping you get more power when you need. Here is how it stacks up – Core i5 models only have six cores a piece. On the other hand, Core i7 CPU’s have as many as six cores and twelve threads, which means nearly double the power.

The Core i7’s ability to scale up its pwoer as required makes this a better choice. Here is how it works. If you compare two games for frame rates, the difference between the two models may not be much along. However, compare it with applications running in the background in the i5 and the i7, and the difference will become much more noticeable, thanks the the hyper threading feature of the Core i7.

1. Helps You Play Games Seamlessly

Games Seamlessly

While DirectX 11, what gamers use while playing games on Windows PC’s still dont support hyper threading, future versions sure can, which could help you unleash more potential on your laptop and computer.

This also means another thing – your i7 processors will find it easy to run games of the future. You wouldn’t have to experience system slowdown, and the extra threads can help you run demanding software, even except games, easily.


2. Larger Cache Sizes

Larger Cache Sizes

If you are a serious gamer, you would be installing games that can take up a good number of gigabytes. In spite of having similar clock speeds, the i7 have larger cache speeds which can help you in everything from playing games to multi tasking.

i7 laptops are also generally a little quicker than the i5 counterparts – all of it does come at a cost though, but if you are looking to run games even in the future without investing in another laptop, it does seem a good choice. However, you should need to look for buying a quad core i7 model to get the most benefits here.


3. Is Future Ready

Future Ready

For the occasional or casual gamer, the Core i5 processors suit just fine. The same cannot be said if you are looking to have a gaming laptop that you can take with you to gaming tournaments. You need a Core i7 processor that gives you raw power – even the slightest diruptions in frame rates could mean you losing out of the tournament, and hence something you cannot compromise on.


4. Supports Better Graphics

Better Graphics

Core i7 processors are ready for 3D gaming and experiencing gaming at 4k resolutions. Additionally, if you are looking to try out high intensity VR gaming with the Oculus Rift, you need a Core i7 processor along with a powerful graphics card. If you are a serious gamer, we know we already have you interested here.

Should You Go For a Core i7 Processor?

Yes, and it’s a good idea to wait for the Intel Coffee Lake processors to arrive. Add to it the fact that most of the Core i5 processors that you have today are dual cores and you would only have to look at the GPU power to help you run your games smoothly. You honestly cannot expect frame rates of 75 fps on the latest Call of Duty game, if you are running a Core i5 dual core processor. Games that go below 30 fps are bound to stutter around.

The battery difference between the two processors is negligible and you would probably have the same battery juice using both.

More cores means btter clock speeds, which translates to improved multi tasking and more fluid gaming. You wouldn’t have to worry about gaming or working on other power intensive applications for a long time.

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