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Skull candy earbuds

Are Skullcandy earbuds good?

Skullcandy has always been one of my favorite brands for all music lovers. Their headphones, whether in-ears, earbuds, over-ears, or on-ear, have always been some of the best available on the market. The Skull candy earbuds can be found easily in most stores ranging from a couple of dollars to a slightly more expensive pair of earphones.

Among the most commonly used earphones produced by the brand, the earbuds are the best of the lot. If you are wondering that skull candy earbuds are good or not, this article will tell you everything that you need to know.

Tutorial – The Different Types of Earbuds to Choose From

Skullcandy produces two types of earbuds, wired and wireless. We will take a look at how you can choose between the two.

Wired earbuds: The wired earbuds are readily available everywhere and the most commonly used Skull candy earphones. The wired earbuds are designed to work with all devices and fit in the tiniest of spaces as well. The wired earbuds are also inexpensive and produce good quality of music.

Wireless earbuds: The wireless earbuds are explicitly designed for people who are into Sports and don’t want to carry their phones in their hands while running or to work out.

The earbuds have a band that rests on the neck and has earbuds on either side of it connected by a thin wire. These earbuds can be connected to any device with Bluetooth in it. The lie on the expensive side of the price range spectrum but produce excellent quality sound.



The Top Steps to Find the Right Skullcandy Headphone for You

To make your job simpler, we will be talking about the few things that you need to take a look at to ensure that you get the right Skullcandy product for yourself.

Step 1- Decide what you need it for it’s one of the first things that you need to ask yourself – how do you plan to use it? Your headphone needs would differ considering whether you want to use it during your travel or one that you would want to use when you are sweating it out at the gym.

It’s not just about choosing whether you want a wired – great during your gym and sports session – or a wireless one – great for everything else. You might also prefer an in-ear design more than an over the ear design. Understanding what you will help you start the process.

Step 2– Do you like the Design? Skullcandy headphones are appreciated for their unique and fresh designs. It is extremely popular among the younger generation due to its relevant and continuously evolving design. All the skull candy headphones usually offer a bright color scheme that catches the eyes of the user as well as someone who’s passing them by.

All the Skull candy earphones come with the brand’s logo, that is, the skull, printed on the earbuds. The design of the rest of the headphones depends on the range they are from. The most common ones include a color scheme of red, yellow, and green whereas the recent set of earbuds have holographic designs on them.

Step 3- Look at the ComfortThe length of the wire offered for the wired earbuds is long enough to provide comfort even when the device is a little far. For the wireless earbuds, the neck rest supplied with the headphones is sturdy and rests well on the back. It doesn’t cause any discomfort as it is quite light in the weight and can have the earbuds folded into it when not in use.

The brand provides with three sets of earbuds to accommodate to the size of your ears. The earbuds do not cause any discomfort and can be easily used for hours on end. Earbuds are usually said to hurt the inside of the ears after long hours of usage, but the skull candy earbuds take care of that issue with soft silicone earbuds instead of hard plastic ones.

Step 4 – Check the Sound QualityThe most crucial aspect to any pair of headphones, whether they are earbuds of over-ears is their sound quality. If the earphones do not fare well on that part, their design and comfort become redundant. Skull candy has been known for producing good quality headphones, and their earbuds do not disappoint in that area as well.

If you are looking for something more, you would need to look at the premium offerings from Skullcandy. This includes features like noise isolation and noise cancellation, both of which can make your listening experience a tad notch better.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Good?

They sure are.

Skullcandy headphones are a rage today for an excellent reason – they don’t just focus on good sound quality, they offer some great designs without compromising on durability.

All the skull candy earbuds promise the isolation one needs from the world while listening to the music. Gamers and music lovers will, therefore, enjoy working with the earbuds. Most of them also offer noise cancellation up to some level so that you’re not disturbed while immersed in your work. This quality especially appeals to people who’re into music or like clarity while listening to things.

The earbuds also take care of different types of music and offer just the right amount of bass required, if not a lot. As a result, all headphones by the brand can produce quality music over a variety of genres.



The Skull candy headphones fare well on the aspects of sound quality, comfort, and design. Even the products from the brand that do not manage well offer a better sound and support as compared to many other in the market under the same price range. Therefore, skull candy earbuds prove to be a good purchase and can be used while listening to music, audiobooks, or gaming.

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