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Windows Laptop for a Music Production

10 Reasons to Purchase a Windows Laptop for a Music Production

Till a decade back, the music industry relied on Mac when for all of its needs. Windows-based machines were considered to be lower performers and weren’t considered for music production.

But times have changed, and now there is hardly any difference between Mac and Windows-based machines. In fact, there seems to be quite a few advantages when it comes to producing music using a Windows laptop.


The Top Reasons to Purchase a Windows Laptop for Music Production

Many musicians and freelance artists have now switched to Windows laptop for music production. In this post, we will explore the reasons which make Windows laptops favorable for music production.

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1. You Don’t Spend So Much

Everybody knows that you need to burn a hole in your pocket if you are going to buy a Mac machine. Windows-based laptops are many costs effective, and you can get them at lower prices than Mac products. For example, you can get only a standard Mac laptop for $1000, while you can get a Windows machine with the proper configuration for the same price.

The extra money that you save can be spent on better processors and storage.


2. Everybody Uses Windows

It has to be accepted without any debate that there are more Windows users than Mac. Some estimates put the number at 1 billion though Microsoft claims Windows 10 has 400 million active users.

When you are going for Windows laptop, you can easily collaborate with other artists and musicians that use Windows platform. Windows devices also sync in better with other devices, so you have nothing to worry about. Add to it the fact that you are probably well versed with the user interface, and so are all those you would be interacting with. It just gets simpler keeping everyone in the loop. It’s simple, effective and it gets the job done.


3. Free Plugins and Programs

Music production need a wide array of programs and applications apart from the main DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you are using. Many plugins used in music production are free for Windows, and you can also get more of them compared to Mac.

Not only that, but you can also get a massive amount of free VST instruments and other freeware in case of Windows laptop. You won’t find that if you are going in for a Mac.


4. Availability of Windows-based DAWs

Even a decade back, many of the DAWs were released for Mac only. But now most of the popular DAWs such as BitWig, Ableton Live and Pro Tools are also available for Windows. You can also find reliable DAWs which work on Windows only such as FL Studio and Cakewalk SONAR. You don’t need to worry about the problem of not having compatible DAWs for Windows-based laptops anymore.


5. Matching High-Performance Hardware

Musician and artists used to think that Mac has superior hardware compared to Windows machines. But the idea is an old one, and Windows-based laptops have caught on to Mac specifications in performance and storage.

Now you can get quad-core processors in Windows laptops with high RAM to handle all your music production needs. Mac laptops and PCs are powerful but let’s face it; Apple isn’t focusing on the Mac range for a while now. Many in the music production industry want a good 32 GB RAM for one, and you wouldn’t be able to get it if you’re looking at a Mac. Did we add that if you own a Mac, it’s just that extra but challenging to upgrade any of the hardware?

Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S any good for music production

6. Wide Range of Products

Apple in its lineup of Mac notebooks has only a limited number of an offering. But in the case of Windows, you can find a considerable amount of brands and companies making laptops of different specifications.

You have the freedom to choose from an increased number of devices keeping your preferences into consideration.


7. The advance of Gaming Laptops for Music production

turns out that the Windows-based gaming laptops are ideal for music production because of their high-end specifications. They come with quad-core processors with a high amount of RAM and even have fast performing SSD in place of mechanical hard drives.

They also have added features like IPS display and high-quality GPU which enhances the performance of the laptop making it fit for music production.


8. You Can Run Programs Easily

Let’s face it. When it comes to music production, you would need access to different tools. Unfortunately, not all of them will run on a Mac. Mac for one only supports installation files with a .dmg extension. On the other hand, most of your data would be in .exe.

Sure, some of the favorite music production apps do come with a .dmg extension as well, but not all do. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself not being able to run that ever important program. You can easily avoid that by going in for Windows.

Laptop Specs For Music Production

Verdict – Windows laptops are Far Robust than Before

If you’re looking to do more with your music production, you need a PC that can do it all. Thankfully, vendor laptops like the Surface Pro are powerful enough to help you with all your music production and editing needs. So, you have it secure than before and unlike music professionals from the back, do not need to depend on Mac to get your job done. Windows can help you do the job too, if not better. And with its freedom compared to Mac, you are sure to love it too.

Microsoft has upped its game with the Windows 10, and you don’t have to worry about anything now – unlike back in the 1990s.

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